TORONTO – ATU Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, says that the 2023 provincial budget does nothing to help TTC riders or make Toronto’s transit system stronger. He released the following statement:

“Today’s provincial budget fails to help people who rely on the TTC everyday. Right now, the TTC is cutting service while the City struggles to afford to operate and maintain the system. With a $366 million budget shortfall, riders will see fares become more expensive and service less reliable.

While the provincial budget has money for new transit lines, there’s no new money to operate and maintain what we have. And, while the budget includes financial relief for riders transferring between GO and 905 transit systems, it completely excludes Toronto and the TTC. There’s nothing in there that makes the lives of TTC riders better, or makes our transit system stronger.

We need to reverse the cuts to the TTC and improve service, but that will take real investment in operating funding. Looking to the upcoming Mayoral election, it’s clear that Toronto needs someone who will be ready to stand up for TTC riders, the workers who keep the system running, and make sure we get investments in our transit system.”