Following the release of the 2023 Ontario fall economic outlook, ATU Local 113 would like to express our disappointment in the lack of provincial funding for public transit.  While the government continues to invest in new projects and transit expansion, it neglects operational funding. Without providing the necessary resources to hire and retain transit workers, as well as improve the overall quality and standard of service along these new routes, these transit expansion projects will not have the support systems they need to run.

Transit workers keep the TTC running. They are on the ground every day, working to ensure that riders can get to their destinations safely and efficiently. The provincial government needs to do more to support the operation of transit systems.

Additionally, the government continues to overlook the funding needs of municipalities to help address local issues. Improving the safety of transit workers and TTC riders in Toronto requires support at the community level.

We need to improve service on the TTC and ensure better safety for transit workers and riders. This requires Premier Ford and his government to work with Mayor Chow to assess the needs of Toronto’s transit system.