ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos’ response to TTC CEO Rick Leary saying the TTC could cut service and layoff workers:

“Dedicated TTC workers have been on the frontlines since the coronavirus crisis began. And now, the TTC could layoff the same heroes who are providing a critical service for our city. Layoffs would be a complete insult to TTC workers who have helped carry our city by providing dedicated service for essential workers during the pandemic – and without basic PPE from the TTC for weeks.

Service cuts will hurt low-income, frontline workers who are taking care of the sick, stocking grocery store shelves and providing other critical services during the pandemic. Not only will reduced service make it harder for essential workers to get to work, cutting service will also exacerbate crowding on the TTC and risk spreading the coronavirus to those most vulnerable. ATU Local 113 calls on the provincial and federal governments to protect essential workers during this crisis and properly fund public transit.”

Toronto Star: TTC CEO says COVID crisis could force layoffs, more transit service cuts