Sisters and Brothers,

Today, I am again calling on the TTC to take immediate steps to protect the health and safety of our members. As we continue to see overcrowding on several TTC routes and many riders refusing to wear masks, the TTC must step up and take the following actions:

  • Block off the area behind the operator
  • Eliminate the need to provide or use transfers
  • Rear door loading only
  • Remove the requirement to attend at the operator’s workstation to pay cash fare
  • More buses on the road to service overcrowded routes during peak hours
  • Greater enforcement of the mask policy

In letters sent this week to TTC CEO Rick Leary, Toronto Mayor John Tory and Ontario Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney, I again called on the TTC to take action to protect workers and the public.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, ATU Local has fought for your health and safety. As we’re in the second wave, we will continue to fight for you.

If you see anything that violates health and safety practices, please file numbered occurrence reports at your workplace. This is important – ATU Local 113 will always support its members when they have health and safety concerns, but we need formal complaints to better address these issues at the TTC.

Our members have placed themselves and their loved ones at risk by continuing to work every day of the pandemic, through temporary layoffs, service cuts and countless other daily challenges. I recognize and appreciate the sacrifice you make to keep our city moving and I ask for the TTC to do the same by taking steps to better protect you.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113