The announcement by the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario regarding operating funding, which includes $110 million a year for three years, is great news to the citizens of Toronto and the members of ATU Local 113.

This is an important first step towards addressing the starvation of the TTC during the John Tory years. We hope that this bright start will bring the Federal government to the table, and that a permanent fix for the TTC’s finances can be found. This funding, as well as supports for capital improvements and to improve ridership is an important step in revitalizing the TTC.

Our hope is that this funding will finally increase scheduled service to improve and encourage return of ridership, have less customer frustration, and enable a safer environment for transit workers and transit riders. It is critical for funds to be allocated and used to increase maintenance to make TTC vehicles, tracks and infrastructure safer.

It is now more important than ever that all stakeholders continue to work towards stable and secure long term operational funding for the TTC. This is the only way that riders can enjoy a regular, reliable service, free of the stopgap measures relied upon by TTC management for too long. We look forward to a commitment that this transit funding outlined in the New Deal will be made permanent.