ATU Local 113 has helped collect 2,100 signatures for ATU Canada’s Federal Funding Petition since it launched on May 19.

It’s time to step up our commitment to reach more transit workers and hit our goal of 15,000 petition signatures.

Thanks to the pressure of ATU Local 113 members, the federal government announced accelerated gas tax funding to our cities. This $2.2 billion in gas tax transfer is not new money, it’s money municipalities were scheduled to receive later in the year. We need emergency government funding to be dedicated to transit operations – so we must keep up the pressure!

ATU Local 113 is encouraging all members to take action by signing the below petition to the federal government calling for emergency transit funding. Please share the petition with your co-workers and on social media to get as many signatures as possible.

ATU Canada Petition: Transit Workers Demand Federal Lawmakers Take Action

Together we fight. Together we win!

Carlos Santos,
ATU Local 113 President