The TTC has been in decline for years and consistent lack of investment in the system leaves minimal options for improvement when it comes to ensuring passengers and workers feel safe, as well as delivering high quality service.

At an April 11 TTC Board meeting, ATU Local 113 delivered a deputation centered around safety practices.

A topic of focus at the board meeting was the Scarborough RT derailment which resulted in five injuries. The root cause of the issue was a gap in maintenance – something that could have been prevented if there were adequate resources dedicated to frequent checks upgrades. Just two weeks before the derailment, Local 113 members reported this stretch of track for repair. The problems could and should have been addressed.

“The lack of accountability in leadership at the TTC is obscuring the seriousness of the problem,” said Marvin Alfred, President of ATU Local 113 during his deputation to the Board. “The connecting theme linking incidents that threaten the public and our members safety is TTC management prioritizing statistics and cost savings over providing a consistently safe and reliable service.”

Local 113 calls on the TTC Board to launch a full and independent review of TTC’s safety and maintenance practices. The culture of secrecy at TTC is preventing the full story from coming out. Without the facts there is no way to work towards a solution.

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