We are one week away from election day. Torontonians will have a chance to go to the polls and vote for change.

ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred along with union representatives attended a rally for mayoral candidate Olivia Chow this evening.

Representatives included ATU Local 113 board members Brian Connelly, Matthew Chau, Aleem Tharani, Ross Zambri, Shop Steward Mohsin Patel and members Corrie Branch, Mike Marges, and Zain Khurram.

“Olivia Chow has always stood up for working people, bringing her experience and compassion to fight for good jobs, good public transit, and good public services,” said ATU Local 113 President Marvin Alfred. “She is the only candidate who will make Toronto more affordable, safe, and caring. Most importantly, it’s how much Olivia knows about the issues that are impacting Toronto that make her the best choice for mayor to lead Toronto.”

“When I met with Olivia to talk about running for Mayor, it was refreshing to hear how well she knew the issues facing riders, transit workers and managing and operating the TTC. She knows this because she rides transit daily and has been invested in making it better for all. This knowledge and commitment are what matters in this election. Toronto deserves a mayor who will ensure a responsible City Council that is truly accountable to Torontonians,” he said.

Together we can get Olivia Chow elected as Mayor, fix the TTC, and keep Toronto moving. Let’s get out there and make this happen.