Who We Are
The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 is a labor union representing nearly 12,000 workers who operate and maintain North America’s third largest public transit system.

Our members are highly skilled bus, streetcar, wheel-trans and subway operators, collectors, cleaning staff and maintenance workers with hundreds of specialties. Our members reflect the cultural diversity of our riders, a large and growing proportion are immigrants from over 70 countries.

We are the most democratic union in North America. We elect all officers, executive board members, shop stewards and safety representatives every three years.

Community Outreach
Toronto’s transit system knits our city’s many neighborhoods into one of the world’s most vibrant urban areas. It is an important goal of ATU Local 113 to go beyond simply connecting people and places, but also reaching out and staying in touch with those we serve. For over a century, we’ve been attending local community events, meeting with community leaders and recognizing the contributions of others who, like us, serve our great city.

If you would like to be part of ATU Local 113’s community outreach efforts, speak to your shop steward or an Executive Board member. We’d love you to be part of these activities – we’re sure you’ll be glad you did too!