Please find an important message from Toronto & York Region Labour Council below:

This is an urgent message to every union member in greater Toronto…

Please VOTE on JUNE 7th and take your family, friends and co-workers with you!

The stakes are high. We can elect a majority of New Democrats who will fight for fairness and justice. The NDP platform is strong, covering all the key issues that matter to working families: decent jobs, health care, education, childcare, student debt, transit, social justice and a strong economy. Those are the issues our unions work for every day.

For the first time in a provincial election, the Toronto Star has endorsed the NDP. The bedrock conservative Globe and Mail is refusing to endorse Doug Ford, calling him “unfit to be Premier”. On the other hand, people like convicted criminal and millionaire insider Conrad Black are Ford’s key promoters.

On top of concerns about with Ford’s Trump-style behaviour, every analysis of the Conservative platform predicts that thousands of jobs will be slashed to pay for his pledge to cut taxes and shrink government. Remember the Harris years? Do we really want relentless attacks on unions again? We must stop Doug Ford from becoming Premier.

All across Toronto, in Durham Region and Brampton, only NDP can win against Conservatives. The Liberal attacks on unions and the right to strike have broken trust with our movement, and Kathleen Wynne has already conceded the election. Now everything depends on voter turnout.

Polls open from 9am-9pm – click to find out where you vote. Help bring out your family, friends, neighbours. Voting is only one part of democracy, but tomorrow it is an essential right we must all exercise.