2019 was a landmark year for the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113. It was the year we got transit back on track.

Under new leadership, ATU Local 113 Sisters and Brothers fought back against the subway upload and won! Among the year’s many accomplishments, stopping the provincial government from uploading the subway was a major victory for our workers and Toronto’s transit riders.

In addition to the subway upload, 2019 was a year of protecting TTC workers’ health and safety. ATU Local 113 members have also been very active in the community volunteering at local events and donating to many great causes.

Lastly, ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos is excited to announce one more major development from this year. On December 3, ATU International approved online voting for ATU Local 113’s future elections.

Despite all the things we accomplished together in 2019, ATU Local 113 members know that the fight for workers’ rights continues in 2020. Get involved in the movement and sign up here to join the fight.

This past fall before the Toronto City Council vote on the TTC Subway upload, ATU Local 113 was prepared to launch a public campaign to apply maximum pressure on Premier Ford’s government to stop his disastrous plan. Although the following video was never released because the Ontario government backed down on their attempt to steal Toronto’s subway, we would like members to know that ATU Local 113 was always at the ready. You can watch the video of that planned campaign below.