Toronto's Transit Future

Monday, Nov 10

What happened to Toronto’s transit system? Once world-renowned, it has been been deteriorating right before our eyes for the last two decades. This brief, informative video uses rare historical images to help explain the TTC’s great challenges today and how they can be and decisively and swiftly addressed. A better understanding of the vital role of transit in our common future and a willingness on the part of all involved to cooperate like never before are key to the solutions we all want, and most certainly need.

ATU Local 113: Who We Are

Friday, Jan 3

A short video commemorating the rich history of ATU Local 113 and its hardworking members who have been keeping Toronto moving for 115 years.

Protecting What Matters showcases ATU Maintenance skills

Sunday, Aug 25

This 90-second theatrical ad has been viewed over 125,000 times on YouTube.

Transit Union President Bob Kinnear takes on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Saturday, Jul 14

On July 27, 2011, Toronto's ATU Local 113 President Bob Kinnear makes a deputation to the City Council Executive Committee concerning proposed service cuts to the Toronto Transit Commission and is highly critical of Mayor Ford unwillingness to meet with the union and demands that Ford deal with the massive Toronto taxpayer subsidies of out-of-towners who regularly take the TTC.

Keep TTC Public - A compelling case against transit privatization

Saturday, Jul 14

Narrated by Canadian actor Eric Peterson, (Street Legal, Corner Gas, Billy Bishop) this video shows how privatization of public transit around the world has been a disaster for taxpayers and riders. In Part 1 of this compelling video, we learn of some of these disasters and why Toronto should avoid TTC 'public private partnerships.' Click here for part 2. Produced by Bill Reno for ATU Local 113.

Anti-privatization television ad – 2010

Saturday, Jul 14

During the 2010 Toronto municipal election, most mayoral candidates and many Council candidates were calling for some degree of privatization of the Toronto Transit Commission. ATU Local 113 mounted a major public awareness campaign showing the dangers of privatization, as experienced around the world. See also Keep TTC Public video.

TTC Union President Bob Kinnear Calls for a TORONTO FOR EVERYONE!

Saturday, Jul 14

On Saturday, April 9, 2011, over 10,000 people flooded the streets of Toronto to demand respect from City Council for our communities, public services and good jobs. Representing over 10,000 TTC workers, ATU 113 President Bob Kinnear called on the Toronto City Council to make Toronto the accessible city it once was.

Local 113 supports Larry Hanley for International ATU President

Saturday, Jul 14

A fierce and close contest for the International Presidency of the Amalgamated Transit Union in 2010 was resolved when ATU Local 113 President Bob Kinnear made this video supporting the reform team of Larry Hanley and Bob Baker (International Executive Vice President). The video was a sensation when shown at the International Convention in Orlando, amplified by a strong and vocal presence of the 113 delegation. Hanley beat the incumbent International President Ron Heintzmann, who graciously conceded. All agreed that Kinnear’s video made the difference in persuading uncommitted delegates to move to Hanley-Baker.

ATU Union President holds press conference to address media attacks on TTC workers

Saturday, Jul 14

Transit union president Bob Kinnear holds a Feb 9, 2010 press conference on TTC "sleeping collector" and bus driver washroom/coffee breaks controversy and announces a series of union-led town hall meetings with the public.

Toronto Transit workers meet with their riders

Saturday, Jul 14

Toronto's ATU Local 113 held three town hall meetings in April-May 2010 to discuss TTC customer service issues. Comments by the public reveal that most TTC problems are the result of government underfunding and poor management.

Bob Kinnear announces ATU Local 113 Toronto Town Hall Meetings

Wednesday, Jan 18

For the first time ever in Toronto, Canada, a public sector union is meeting face-to-face with public service users to discuss how to improve both relationships and service. Toronto transit union ATU Local 113 president Bob Kinnear holds a press conference on March 31, 2010 to announce three "Let's Talk" town hall meetings to which the public are invited to discuss service issues with front line Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) workers.

ATU March to York Region Council

Wednesday, Jan 18

ATU Members hit the streets. In Newmarket, striking YRT workers march up Yonge Street to York Regional Council.