ATU News Monday, Oct 5

Local 113 blasts "contract flipping" in York Region

ATU Local 113's presentation to the provincial government's "Changing Workplaces" Review committee had strong words for the huge loophole in labour law that allows York Region Transit, the only fully privatized urban transit system in Canada, to get rid of a union and any employees they don't like merely by flipping service contracts from one private carrier to another.

Read the Toronto Star report.

Read the full deputation from Local 113, delivered on September 18, 2015.

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ATU News Thursday, Sep 24

Bob Kinnear elected President of Amalgamated Transit Union Canada

Canadian public transit workers belonging to the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) have a new national leader. 

Local 113 President Bob Kinnear was elected today in Toronto as President of the newly-formed ATU Canada by delegates to the founding conference of the organization, which represents over 30,000 members in dozens of cities from Vancouver to St. John’s. He received 77 per cent of the votes over rival candidate Brian Tansy, president of the London, Ontario ATU Local 741.

Kinnear is currently President of the 10,000-member ATU Local 113, which represents Operations and Maintenance workers at the Toronto Transit Commission and York Region Transit. He first took office in January 2004 as the youngest-ever leader, at age 33, of the International Union’s largest local. He had recently announced that he was not going to run for a fifth three-year term as Local 113 President in order to “make way for a new generation of leadership.” His successor will be chosen in a local union election in early December.

As ATU Canada President, Kinnear’s mandate will be to represent the interests of the union’s members to all three levels of government, municipal, provincial and federal. A top priority will be to work with a new Federal government on a National Transit Strategy. He will also continue to seek alliances with other transit advocacy groups, as he has in Toronto, and intends to step up the fight against transit privatization.

“Public transit is one of Canada’s most pressing economic and environmental issues and it is time we had a National Transit Strategy,” Kinnear told delegates to the conference. “There will be billions of new dollars flowing from governments to transit in the coming years and we as a union have to work with others to ensure that every city in Canada gets the transit system they need and deserve. 

“Above all else, we have to keep Canadian taxpayers’ dollars that are intended for more and better transit from being sucked up by profit-hungry corporations in these phony, so-called ‘public-private partnerships.’”

Kinnear pledged to work closely with the 180,000-member U.S. section of the union on issues of common cause. 

“On both sides of the border, public transit is being shortchanged by short-sighted politicians and we must work together to stop this.

Kinnear takes office immediately and will serve out his term as Local 113 President to the end of the year.

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ATU News Monday, Aug 31 - Posted by robert

2015 John Lorimer Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Jessica D'Ambrosio
University of Guelph
Biomedical Science
Parent: Joe D'Ambrosio
Greenwood Carhouse

Dylan Lee
Waterloo University
Bachelor of Mathematics
Parent: Anthony Lee
Malvern Garage

Melissa Bartolo Rego
University of Guelph
Bachelor of Science
Parent: Cesar Rego
Roncesvalles Carhouse


Alexandra Nicastro
Western University
Bachelor of Social Science
Parent: Antonio Nicastro
Davisville Carhouse

Joe Yang
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science
Parent: Raymond Yang
Queensway Division

Adriano De Angelis
York University
Human Resources Management
Parent: Peter De Angelis
Duncan Shop


Samantha Gibson
McGill University
Bachelor of Arts
Parent: Gary Gibson
Duncan Shop

Timothy Chow
University of Toronto
Life Science
Parent: Donald Chow
Bloor Danforth Subway

Eric Zorbas
University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Science
Parent: James Zorbas


Arth Patel
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science - Engineering science
Parent: Kamlesh Patel
Malvern Division

Victoria Bazak
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Art
Parent: Elsa Bazak
Collector Division

Jessica Boaventura
University of Guelph
BA Psychology
Parent: Frank Boaventura
Wilson Division


Nicholas Lee
University of Toronto
Parent: Douglas Lee
Arrow Road

Victoria Reuston
Trent University
Parent: Gary Reuston
Plant Plumber

Connor Garel
Ryerson University
Bachelor of Journalism
Parent: Charmaine Garel


Cassie Naylor
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science
Parent: Robert Naylor
Birchmount Division

Rosa Sophia Pierri
Ryerson University
Media Production
Parent: Giuseppe Pierri
M & P Wilson

Cassandra Cali
George Brown College
Medical Office Administration
Parent: Mario Cali


Riyaz Shaikh
University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Business Administration
Parent: Mohammed Shaikh
Arrow Road Division

Ahmed Hanif
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science
Parent: Muhammad Hanif
Lakeshore Division

Sarah Arab
University of Toronto Institure of Technologh
Bachelor of Science
Parent: Mohammed Arab


Justin Merrlles
Carleton University
Public Affairs & Policy Management
Parent: Tim Merrlles
Arrow Road

Ethan Liang
University of Waterloo
Ststems Design Engineering (BASc)
Parent: Jinhai Liang
Mount Dennis Garage

Shannon Fenech
Brock University
Bachelor of Arts - Film Studies
Parent: Charles Fenech
Duncan Shop


Grace Minoia
Wilfird Laurier University
Parent: Frank Minoia
Eglinton Garage

Sabrina Calandra
Ryerson University
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Parent: Anthony Calandra
Duncan Shop

Meaghan Cavanaugh
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science
Parent: James Cavanaugh
Birchmount Division


Steven Mandarino
York University
Bachelor of Education
Parent: Santo Mandarino
Track & Structure

Angela Hoover
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Science - Life Science
Parent: Kenneth Hoover
Birchmount Admin

Abhimanyu Thakur
University of Toronto
Honours Bachelor of Science
Parent: Ripu Thakur
Arrow Road Division


Joanna Shanthiyapillai
McMaster University
Social Sciences
Parent: Carlyle Santhiapillai
Mount Dennis Division

Leah Katelyn Pimentel
University of Toronto
Bachelor of Arts
Parent: Tony Pimentel
Harvey Shop

Riley Jillian Summers
Queen's University
Parent: Patrick Summers


Alexis Di Maria
Ryerson University
Bachelor of Design
Parent: Joseph Di Maria
Wilson Division

Malua Bailey
Ryerson University
Professional Communication
Parent: Michael Bailey
Roncesvalles Carhouse

Nina Lue
York University
BA Sociology
Parent: Henriques Lue
Mount Dennis Garage


Erin Brownhill
University of Toronto
Parent: Bruce Brownhill

Darlin Veloso
University of Toronto
Psychology and Sociology
Parent: Joel Veloso
Rail Subway Track


Named after a Local 113 President/Business Agent in the 1940’s, this scholarship is available to ATU 113 members’ children who are graduating from Grade 12 and who are advancing to a university degree program OR who are already enrolled in a university degree program and have not previously received a scholarship from Local 113. Congratulations to our recipients!

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