Monday, Nov 10

Toronto's Transit Future

What happened to Toronto’s transit system? Once world-renowned, it has been been deteriorating right before our eyes for the last two decades. This brief, informative video uses rare historical images to help explain the TTC’s great challenges today and how they can be and decisively and swiftly addressed. A better understanding of the vital role of transit in our common future and a willingness on the part of all involved to cooperate like never before are key to the solutions we all want, and most certainly need.

Friday, Jan 3

ATU Local 113: Who We Are

A short video commemorating the rich history of ATU Local 113 and its hardworking members who have been keeping Toronto moving for 115 years.

Sunday, Aug 25

Protecting What Matters showcases ATU Maintenance skills.

This 90-second theatrical ad has been viewed over 125,000 times on YouTube.