Due to our strong demand for a meeting and immediate action, TTC CEO Andy Byford met with members of ATU Local 113’s Executive Board on May 23, 2017 to discuss pressing health and safety concerns regarding the filthy air members who work underground breathe every day – sometimes up to 12 hours a shift.

Our demands:

  1. After 22 years with no air quality study conducted by TTC Management, it’s time for action – an independent study that is initiated imminently.
  2. Allow subway workers the choice to wear personal protective equipment, such as masks, to protect against the filthy air and particulate.

Our Results:

  1. The TTC has agreed to ATU Local 113’s demand for an independent, third-party study of the subway system’s air quality. Over the next two weeks, ATU Local 113 will have a strong say over the terms of reference for this study. If ATU Local 113 believes the terms fail to serve the interests of our members, the TTC will need to return to the table.
  2. While it’s shameful the TTC still won’t allow workers to protect themselves underground from dirty and dangerous air pollution, ATU Local 113 will continue to fight for workers to have the choice to protect themselves by wearing masks. No matter what the TTC says, it’s unacceptable for subway workers to sneeze and cough out filthy black dust after a shift.

As we work with the TTC over the next two weeks to determine the terms of reference that are fair to members, we’ll continue to keep you updated.

You can watch the full news conference following ATU Local 113’s meeting with TTC management here: http://www.cp24.com/video?clipId=1130715