YouTube is packed with TTC videos, and they usually involve some extreme form of anti-social behaviour.

Type “TTC” into the site’s search function and you’ll find gems like: Insane TTC bus driver, drunk people on TTC bus – driver snaps, and drunk bus fight on the vomit comet.

That’s why the following video may just restore your faith in humanity, or at least help reverse the notion that drunken troglodytes and frothing-at-the-mouth drivers have totally taken over our public transit system.

No, this video doesn’t include titillating violence or a cellphone stool pigeon desperately trying to catch a TTC driver in the midst of a compromising tantrum.

On the contrary, it’s simply a nice, feel-good moment.

The video, posted on Monday by Matthew Bradley, shows a packed streetcar singing happy birthday to the vehicle’s driver, Sean.

It has just over 100 views so far.

That’s not a lot of hits for a video that doesn’t include hits – or puke, or spit, or a maniacal melt-down – but for those in need of a reminder that kindness and public transit can still co-exist, it hits the spot.

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