DECEMBER 15, 2015

Taxi drivers have a new ally in their fight against Uber — Toronto transit workers.

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 president ripped Mayor John Tory and Premier Kathleen Wynne for not slamming the brakes on Uber’s new UberHop service.

UberHop offers $5 rush-hour rides from four poorly serviced transit spots in Toronto into the financial district.

“Tory and Wynne are simply wimping out, there’s no better word for it,” declared in a statement from the Local, Tuesday.

“They should simply pass a new provincial law and city ordinance that will shut Uber down until it agrees to abide by the law and offer its services on a level playing field.”

The TTC continues to consult its lawyers about Uber’s new service, but Tory says it’s simply another convenient, affordable option for consumers.

“Can you believe that the mayor of Canada’s largest city says he doesn’t have the resources to shut down people who are operating outside the law? Uber is laughing at Tory all the way to the bank,” Local 113 stated.

The tough-talking union leader pledged Local 113 will work with politicians, community organizations and the taxi industry to “stop American billionaires from telling us how to run our city.”

“You think congestion is bad now? Just wait until Uber-whatever completely takes over our roads,” the Localwarned.

Uber Canada spokesman Susie Heath acknowledged traffic congestion is a “major issue” for the city.

“For commuters who typically travel to and from the downtown core by car, including ridesharing, UberHop is an alternative that can help them get where they need to be with other fellow commuters in fewer vehicles, which helps reduce congestion on our roads.”