Peter Bodnick Online Scholarship Form

Application Form – 2024

Applicants must complete the application form and written essay, in order to be considered for the Scholarship.

For questions, please contact or (416) 398-5113.

Note: Only one scholarship will be awarded (Value, $1,000)


The Peter Bodnick Scholarship is available to ATU 113 members’ children who are entering a Technical / Post-Secondary Registered Trades Course leading to a skilled trades license. Applicants are requested to submit a written essay of not less than 500 words, and not more than 750 words, on the subject of: “Organized labour’s contribution to the welfare of the people of Canada.”

The essay will be scored on an analysis of the facts and arguments presented by the student, an evaluation of the student’s understanding of the subject, and the effectiveness of the essay in demonstrating how organized labour benefits everyone, union members or not. Grammar, style, organization, and overall presentation will be factors in judging the essay.


Online Applications and written essay must be submitted No Later than 11:59 P.M. Friday, June 28, 2024.

Note: Applications and essays not received by the deadline will be disqualified.

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