Following a scheduling issue, the meeting with members of ATU Local 113’s Executive Board and TTC management has been rescheduled to May 23, 2017.

At this meeting, ATU Local 113 will continue to demand action to clean the filthy air in Toronto’s subway system. We’ll demand answers to these questions:

  • Why has the TTC failed to conduct an air quality test in 22 years despite repeated requests from our union?
  • When did the TTC first learn about the high concentration of pollutants in the air that subway workers breathe underground – sometimes up to 10 or 12 hours a day?
  • How can the TTC assure subway workers they will not get sick by simply putting in an honest day’s work?
  • Why won’t the TTC allow subway workers to protect themselves from air pollution by wearing masks while working underground?

Toronto’s transit workers deserve a safe and clean workplace – no more delays and excuses from the TTC!