April 29, 2024, Toronto, ON – On Friday evening, ATU Local 113, representing 12,000 transit workers who operate and maintain the TTC, facilitated a membership vote to determine whether the union would move forward with taking strike action. The membership voted overwhelmingly in support of a strike mandate.

Our union’s collective bargaining committee continues to be at the bargaining table with the TTC and has been working to get our members the fair and reasonable contract they deserve. For the first time since 2011, we have the opportunity to exercise our right to strike.

“We’ve seen an incredible turnout with 9253 members engaging in the voting process, of which 9094 (98.28 %) voted to strike,” said Marvin Alfred, President of ATU Local 113. “The overwhelming support for strike actionis a clear message to the TTC, the City, and the Province, that our membership is ready to act. We are following the direction of our membership.”

Our union’s intention was always to work with the employer on negotiations to deliver a new and fair agreement. However, if no progress is being made and the TTC is refusing to see the perspective of transit workers, we must move forward with a full withdrawal of service. Our members are clearly angry and upset about how they have been treated at work. We are proud of our work and know the value of our work. We have the right to protect our future and are ready to fight for job security.

The people who ride TTC are working people too. Like us, healthcare, logistics, and delivery workers all went to work every day during the pandemic while everyone else was told to stay home. They will understand how hard that is to accept when management routinely hand themselves double-digit raises. TTC CEO Rick Leary was given 20% while the TTC is in decline.

Additional Facts:

• ATU Local 113’s collective agreement expired on March 31, 2024.
• This is the first time in 10 years that the union can exercise their right to strike, following last year’s historic legal victory which restored this fundamental constitutional right.
• The last time ATU Local 113 members went on strike was in 2008.

For additional information, please contact media@atu113.net.

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