When 84-year-old Umberto Ascenzi went missing at 1a.m. on a cold Wednesday in December  – the situation was potentially dire. Luckily, thanks to Local 113 bus driver Dominick Gouveia he was brought to safety and returned to his home.

Gouveia noticed the man sitting in the shelter in a thin coat with a cut on his finger and a bruise on his eye. Gouveia made sure Mr. Ascenzi warmed up inside the bus before notifying the police that he was lost and ensuring he was returned safely to his family.

The ATU would like to give a warm thank you to Dominick for his service. His attention and care for the public is a demonstration of the high quality of service delivered by the men and women who make up Local 113 and who are on the front lines of our transit system.

Learn more about the story: https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/bus-driver-finds-missing-84-year-old-man-in-york-region-1.3736260