“The hope is that if we have more awareness, we can prevent this from happening”

Enough is enough. We are calling on the TTC to conduct an immediate safety audit of all stations following a serious attack on a fellow bus operator at Eglinton Station on Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Our Brother, Shawn Bredin, was taking a scheduled break when he was blindsided by an unidentified assailant in a restricted area at Eglinton Station. The assailant sprayed Shawn with what is believed to be a homemade pepper spray substance before striking him twice. Our brother suffered temporary blindness and injuries to his face. The attack left him wondering, “what if this person tried to finish me?”

We know this story is not unique. This alone was the second serious and unprovoked injury our Brother suffered in less than a month at Eglinton Station – and the third assault he endured in just under two years. The previous attacks include having a gun pulled on him and being assaulted with a knife.

We know that too many of our members have similar stories to share.
Working through the Joint Health and Safety Committee, we demand the TTC conduct safety audits in all its public and restricted areas – and make the necessary improvements at TTC stations throughout the city.
It’s time for the TTC put our safety first.

Photos of Brother Shawn Bredin following the vicious attack:

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