Streetcars on St. Clair are being replaced by buses, and a major downtown intersection shuts down to traffic on Monday for TTC work.

Just six years after it opened, the TTC shutdown the 6.6-kilotmetre dedicated stretch of streetcar lanes starting Sunday so that changes can be made to accommodate the TTC’s new streetcars.

The new streetcars are set to roll on St. Clair in 2018, and the retrofit is required for customer safety.

During the closure, streetcars on the 512 route will be replaced by buses until Sept. 4.

The TTC released a video explaining the work being done. Watch it below or click here to view it.

The St. Clair and St Clair West stations also have to be modified.

At St. Clair station, crews will install a new roof and replace the streetcar loading platform, while at St. Clair West station the work includes construction of new elevators and replacing streetcar tracks.

Some of the work won’t be completed until the end of the year, but streetcar tracks between St. Clair West and Gunns Loop should be back in service by Labour Day.

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