Sisters and Brothers,

The TTC has just informed us that the personal information of 25,000 employees, past and present, may have been stolen during the ransomware cyber attack that occurred on October 29, 2021. The TTC has confirmed the following personal employee information may have been compromised:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)

The TTC has noted that there is no evidence at this time that employees’ personal information has been misused.

ATU Local 113 is extremely concerned about this and how it impacts the breach may have affected current and former members, as well as pensioners. We expect the TTC to treat this issue with the severity it deserves and keep our union leadership and members updated. When the news of the cyber attack originally broke, ATU Local 113 noted that the security of confidential information of TTC workers must be a priority.

ATU Local 113 supports the TTC’s recommended measures that members can immediately take including:

  • Signing up for TransUnion’s myTrueIdentity program by calling 1-855-912-1512.
  • Calling their bank to notify them of the possible security breach.

ATU Local 113 calls on the TTC to take all necessary steps to monitor, protect and retrieve personal employee information and other sensitive data that may have been compromised in this breach.

We will keep members updated as we find out more.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos

President, ATU Local 113