As you probably know, CUPE Local 2 has been without a contract for around
two years. Management has failed to offer Local 2, which represents 700
licensed electricians at TTC, a fair contract and they have given notice that
they intend to take strike action this Monday, April 22.

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Local 2 and will support them in any way
that we can.

The leadership of CUPE Local 2 is aware that Local 113 is not yet in a legal
strike position, and that we must act in a manner which ensures the safety of
ourselves and the public at all time. Legally, we are not permitted to join their
strike or refuse to cross their picket lines, unless there is a safety issue (which
should be reported to the appropriate TTC authority, e.g. your supervisor,
transit control etc.).

We can: join their picketing lines during our non-working hours to show
solidarity, bring snacks and coffee to picketers, show our solidarity by
supporting any messaging of CUPE Local 2, signing petitions, communicating
with our city councillors.

CUPE Local 2 deserves a fair contract as does Local 113. The public does not
want a strike, TTC Management needs to change course, and change course
quickly or it will find itself facing a legal strike by CUPE Local 2, followed by a
legal strike by Local 113.

In solidarity,

Marvin Alfred
President, ATU Local 113

20240418 NOTICE re CUPE Local 2 – Final