Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen attacks on public transit, one of which resulted in the fatality of a passenger. Unfortunately, violence on the system takes place almost every day.

Tomorrow is Transit Worker Assault Day. It was put in place as an annual reminder of the ongoing advocacy required to keep public transit workers safe. ATU Local 113 put out a member survey, where respondents noted that 70% have witnessed violence on the system. Over half of them didn’t report it, as they felt there wasn’t adequate support in place to do much.

In this video message, the victim of the Long Branch attack, Nelish ‘Nina’ Nazarali, shared the long-term impacts an assault can have on you – mentally, emotionally, and physically.

No one should go to work in fear.

Local 113 President, Marvin Alfred, has a clear call to action for the TTC and the City of Toronto: Do more to make our members and transit passengers feel safe!