ATU Local 113 is pleased to share the following letter from a local student in Grade 8 thanking our members for their hard work and service during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are extremely proud to serve the citizens of Toronto. Whether it’s moving essential workers or getting children to school, we love serving our communities. It’s for bright young students like the one who wrote this letter that we do it for.


Dear Transit Operators of ATU Local 113,

During these difficult and unprecedented times I would personally like to thank every one of you for your service to Toronto.

As a once daily use of this vast transit network I can understand the challenges you are going through. Even before this pandemic started I noticed how rough it was for some drivers. Whether it was driving in a bus that was past the state of good repair, or even having to deal with nonsense from unruly customers.

After hearing of an outbreak at Queensway Division, and the layoff of 1,200 TTC employees, I felt compelled to write to the men and women behind Local 113.

Sure, transit operators may not be doing as much to save lives, but they are for sure under recognized and underappreciated. If you think about it, transit operators are basically what makes Toronto move. Without you, how would doctors get to hospitals? And who would transport patients with the 7 new EMS buses?

It is my personal belief that though 2020 has brought on hardship and sorrow, we citizens of Toronto must do our part to stop the curve and stay home. So front line workers and ATU Local 113 can keep serving Toroonto, as they have for 119 years. Let’s hope there’s a 120th.

Glowing Regards,

A Grade 8 Student at Thomas Wells Public School