Motion against Bob Kinnear at emergency session comes amid calls for his resignation

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (February 21, 2017) – The elected Executive Board members of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 met in emergency session tonight and unanimously condemned the recent actions of Local 113 President Bob Kinnear who conspired to disaffiliate the local from the ATU.

Following the unanimous approval of a motion for Bob Kinnear and his allies to cease and desist from directing or assisting any campaign to take Local 113 out of the ATU, the Executive Board, amid calls for his resignation, further rebuked Bob Kinnear by unanimously approving a motion of “no confidence” in his leadership.

As directed by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision enjoining the ATU International trusteeship of Local 113, the Executive Board unanimously demanded that Bob Kinnear immediately withdraw his request to the Canadian Labour Congress seeking justification for a disaffiliation vote. The Executive Board, elected by nearly 11,000 TTC workers, went on record opposing all efforts to decertify, disaffiliate or raid Local 113.

Other motions Executive Board members passed at the emergency session demanded that Bob Kinnear withdraw his request to the Court to sue “as a representative of the local and/or its members” and that Local 113 be responsible for any damages arising from his lawsuit over the trusteeship. The Executive Board also approved a motion of “no confidence” against two elected officers who worked alongside Bob Kinnear to disaffiliate Local 113.

The Executive Board of ATU Local 113 is composed of 15 elected representatives following two recent resignations. All but three members attended the emergency session.