Sisters and Brothers,

With hardly any notice, the TTC announced a new policy yesterday that will force ATU Local 113 members to wear safety glasses with side shields, prescription safety glasses with side shields or a face shield when working in public areas.

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, ATU Local 113’s Executive has fought hard to secure health and safety protections for members. We will always support and do what’s needed to protect our members.

However, yet again, the TTC misses the mark with its communication. The fact that the TTC gave our members under 48 hours notice before this policy goes into effect is completely unacceptable.

Our members are already under enough stress working on the frontlines during a global pandemic. Instead of properly communicating the new policy in a timely manner, the TTC has side swiped our members adding unnecessary confusion to their already tough jobs.

ATU Local 113 understands these new guidelines came from the Ontario government but the company could have given our members a week’s notice at the very least. Instead of working with ATU Local 113 to announce and implement health and safety measures, the TTC has side swiped our members with draconian measures.

To provide more clarity on the new requirement, operators working behind the protective barrier or in the cab do not need to wear face shields. Maintenance workers working in employee-only areas do not need to wear face shields either.

The TTC needs to do better when communicating new policy notices. ATU Local 113 will be ensuring management gives our members proper notice and clarity on all future communications.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113