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A Letter to Station Collectors

A Letter to Station Collectors

The TTC has contracted all of its fare collection activities to Metrolinx, a Government of Ontario Crown Agency, through the adoption of Presto fare card system.

The Commission has advised that it is created a Customer Service Agent position (CSA) and that this position will perform duties, which in our view, are nearly identical to duties currently performed by Station Collectors. It is our view that two positions are in fact the same job and fall under the same wage group as determined by Arbitrator Brown in his 2009 Job Evaluation decision.

Local 113 has advised the TTC of our position and will provide them with a response to their current proposal in the next three weeks.

Many of you have reported to us that TTC management have phone you at home and visited you in the collector’s booth, trying to intimidate you into applying for the CSA positions. In our view it is not necessary to apply for positions which you already hold. Even if these were “new” positions, the Commission is bound by the provisions of the Collective Agreement and must follow the lay off and bumping procedures contained the Collective Agreement and the Seniority Regulations.

We appreciate all the Station Collectors who attended the general membership meeting last night and the professionalism you showed. These are trying times for the labour movement. The contracting out of fare collection, the sale to Presto and trying to force workers to apply for their own jobs shows a lack of respect to the workers at the Toronto Transit Commission and the TTC’s actions are fundamentally inconsistent with Canadian workplace values.

We will continue to be in touch. Stay united!

In Solidarity,

Kevin Morton
ATU Local 113