Unifor Served Two Big Blows

The Canadian labour movement is successful when we work together. That is what makes Unifor’s ongoing efforts to raid other unions so damaging to our movement – it puts the wages, benefits and safety conditions we fought for at risk as they seek to divide us and waste our resources fighting each other.

With no surprise to Sisters and Brothers, Unifor recently faced two big blows regarding their actions to undermine our movement’s progress. Please read below and remember: when we work together, we win.

  1. Public Review Board Rules Against Unifor’s Unilateral Disaffiliation from the Canadian Labour Congress

Rank and File reports that the Unifor National Executive Board was found guilty by the their own Public Review Board of violating their constitution in unilaterally disaffiliating from the Canadian Labour Congress. Unifor Local 222 (Oshawa) filed the appeal.

Read more about Unifor Local 222’s appeal of Unifor’s unilateral disaffiliation from the Canadian Labour Congress in the Rank and File story here.

  1. Ontario Labour Relations Board Rules Against Unifor’s Application for Interim Relief in Raid of UNITE HERE 75 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel

In a recent ruling, the Ontario Labour Relations Board ruled against Unifor’s application for interim relief. It was officially dismissed and stifles Unifor’s efforts to raid UNITE HERE Local 75 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

Read the full decision from the Ontario Labour Relations Board on August 7th, 2018.