TTC Bus Operator’s Bedazzled Nails Go Viral, Brightening Commutes and Challenging Stereotypes

Toronto’s frigid winter temperatures often result in frustrating transit delays. But when Brigit O’Neil boarded ATU Local 113 brother Michael Maguire’s vehicle a couple of weeks ago after a long wait, her mood was instantly improved as soon as she spotted his nails. O’Neil shared her experience in a viral Twitter thread leading to thousands of new Instagram followers for Maguire as he continues to brighten commutes and challenge stereotypes.

Maguire joined Citytv’s Breakfast Television this week to speak about his fabulous nails. In response to stereotypes that men do not get their nails done he responded, “I let the nails talk.” He then added with a radiant smile and confident demeanor, “I do it because it’s all about me!”

Maguire’s nail obsession started with an ice storm five years ago. He slipped and shattered his left leg, forcing him to be in a cast for months. When his cast was removed, the uncleanly state of his feet prompted the nurse to suggest nail care. Maguire took the suggestion seriously, and now looks to Pinterest and Instagram for nail art inspirations.

The rest is history. Now with an earned nickname “Nails,” Maguire‘s choice of self-expression has become a point of personal joy – both for himself, and as a TTC operator serving his community better.

Keep it up, Michael!