Stop TTC Fair Pass Delays

Join together with your Sisters and Brothers to ensure the same TTC discounts afforded to Torontonians receiving child care supports are extended to those receiving housing supports. This comes as Toronto city staff released their recommended 2019 budget, delaying the next phase of the TTC Fair Pass. Now is the time to get involved as the budget won’t be finalized until Council votes on March 7, 2019. It’s outrageous for the City to delay the next phase of the Fair Pass, especially when the TTC is set to raise fares 10-cents and monthly passes by nearly $5 a month.

Get Involved

1. Send a message to your Councillor and Mayor John Tory.

2. Make a presentation to the City Budget Committee. Sign up here and TTCriders will share tips and info with you in advance.

More Information on the Fair Pass

The low income transit Fair Pass was approved by City Council in 2016 as part of the Poverty Reduction Strategy. Disappointingly, the strategy has been implemented piecemeal, and with increases already being added to the first phase of the Fair Pass for Torontonians receiving Ontario Disability Support Program and Ontario Works rolled out this April (5-cents on $2 fares, and a $3.90 increase on $115.50 passes). It’s clear we need deeper discounts rolled out faster.