ATU Local 113 Statement on the Ontario Line Initial Business Case

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (July 25, 2019) –  Carlos Santos, President of Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113, today released the following statement regarding the recently released Initial Business Case for the Ontario Line.

“After months of secrecy, Premier Doug Ford finally released more details on his proposed ‘Ontario Line’, and to no surprise to Torontonians, it will result in more delays with expanding our public transit system. The Ford Government is set to rip up shovel-ready plans for the Downtown Relief Line for a new fancy map with no feasible plan to meet its unrealistic deadlines. Torontonians deserve an improved and expanded public transit system, but the proposed ‘Ontario Line’ looks to be the next casualty of the Conservative legacy of transit chaos: changing course mid-way just to bring us back to square one.

ATU Local 113 will never stop advocating for an affordable and equitable public transit system, and to get there, Premier Doug Ford should stop meddling in our city’s transit planning. If the Premier really wants to improve Toronto’s public transit system: get the Relief Line, Waterfront and Eglinton East LRT built; reinstate fare subsidies between the TTC, GO Transit and the UP Express that integrate our system; fix the failed PRESTO system that is costing Torontonians millions in lost fares; and increase operating funding to meet current demand.”

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