ATU Local 113 Draws Line in the Sand for Toronto’s PC MPPs: Are you with TTC Riders or Not?

Toronto’s public transit workers launch online video against TTC Subway upload

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (March 7, 2019) – As Premier Doug Ford steamrolls ahead with stealing Toronto’s subway system through his so-called “upload,” Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 members are calling on Progressive Conservative Members of Provincial Parliament from Toronto ridings to do the right thing and slam the brakes on the provincial government’s disastrous scheme.

ATU Local 113 today launched an online video that urges more Torontonians to get involved in the fight and contact their MPP to stop Premier Ford from breaking apart and selling-off the TTC. If the province steals our subway, riders can expect to experience reduced service within a broken system while the Ford government sets the stage for privatization, much like we have seen with Metrolinx’s GO transit system and the Eglinton Crosstown.

“If Premier Ford is serious about building new transit, he would properly fund our system – not break it apart,” said Carlos Santos, ATU Local 113 President. “In our opinion, the PC government is more interested in selling air rights at subway stations to developer friends than building the transit our city so desperately needs.”

ATU Local 113, which represents nearly 11,000 public transit workers, is calling on Torontonians to stand up and fight to keep the subway in Toronto’s hands.

“There is still time for Torontonians to fight back and say thanks, but no thanks to the subway upload,” said Carlos Santos. “We need people who care about keeping the subway under local control to reach out to their MPP and be heard. We also need all Toronto MPPs, including PC members, to stand with our city on this important issue.”

You can find an MPP’s mailing address, phone number, and email address in the MPP contact information list on the legislative assembly’s website.

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ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos is available for comment.

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