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Important Facts Concerning Your Sick Benefits

Important Facts Concerning Your Sick Benefits

Local 113 has fought for more than 100 years for a fair and reasonable sick benefit system.

We will not accept any changes to sick benefits that will hurt Local 113 members.

The commission's notice says that sick benefit entitlements and rules will not change. You can be sure we will hold them to this.

Local 113 has already put the commission on written notice that we will not accept any negative changes to our sick benefits.

Local 113 will not accept sick benefit concessions at the bargaining table.

We are pursuing all available legal remedies to protect our benefits.

If the commission is wrongly denying you sick benefits contact your union representative immediately. We will take action to support you.

When we stand together and fight together we win together.

In solidarity,

Frank Grimaldi, President/Business Agent

Richard Fox, Vice-President

Cliff Piggott, Assistant Business Agent Transportation

Kevin Morton, Secretary-Treasurer

Scott Gordon, Assistant Business Agent Maintenance