ATU Local 113 Condemns War in Ukraine

ATU Local 113 joins the global union movement by standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and calls for an end to military aggression through a diplomatic solution.

We condemn any violence against civilians and call for an end to all armed conflict. We also call on all workers, government officials and leaders to join us by unequivocally condemning war in Ukraine and supporting the people impacted by the Russian invasion.

Many of our union brothers and sisters, including ATU Local 113 members here in Toronto, have friends and family impacted by this horrific conflict. For them this is personal and heartbreaking, and we offer all our support. Our thoughts are also with our brothers and sisters in the Ukrainian unions whose lives have been put at risk by this senseless and illegal war.

We have all heard and seen stories of courage, compassion, love, and solidarity as the affected communities come together to care for each other and protect the most vulnerable among them. Our response in Canada should be moved by the same generous spirit and be grounded in our common humanity.

In solidarity,

Marvin Alfred
President, ATU Local 113

VIDEO: Daniel Medina’s Story

These are real people who have dedicated themselves to keeping Toronto moving. Daniel Medina explains the effects an assault in 2021 had on him. He spoke out to raise awareness. Assaults on transit workers must stop.

VIDEO: ATU Local 113 Celebrates Black History Month

As we begin Black History Month 2022, ATU Local 113 celebrates the success of previous Black leaders and continues to create opportunities for those of tomorrow.

We are committed to creating a more inclusive Union and invite all members to celebrate Black History Month!


ATU Local 113 and Mayor John Tory Agree to Declare Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day

Sisters and Brothers,

We are pleased to share that Mayor John Tory has agreed to declare December 17th the first ever Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day in the City of Toronto after consistent pressure from our union.

The campaign to have Mayor Tory proclaim this important day started in 2020 when it was clear physical, verbal, and psychological assaults against our members were increasing because of the pandemic.

While ATU Local 113 disagrees with Mayor Tory on transit policy, we appreciate his willingness to collaborate and support this important day. Assaults against transit workers is an issue that is above politics.

This day will bring more public awareness to the many challenges and dangers our members face while courageously working the frontlines. December 17 will also mark the start of a new phase to ensure the TTC does more to keep our transit workers safe from violence through risk assessments, public reporting, and other plans to mitigate assaults towards TTC workers.

Like all workers, our members should feel nothing but comfort, safety, and protection while on the job.

We encourage all members to share ATU Local 113’s Facebook and Twitter posts and share what this day means for them. Please follow our social media channels to receive updates about Transit Worker Assault Awareness Day in the lead-up to December 17.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos

President, ATU Local 113

ATU Local 113 Update on Denial of Mandatory Vaccination Injunction

Sisters and Brothers,

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided today to deny the union’s request to pause the enforcement of the TTC’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy. We are very disappointed with the Court’s decision to deny our request to suspend operation of the TTC’s mandatory vaccination policy.

We believe the TTC’s policy of suspending and terminating unvaccinated workers is unfair and will be struck down at arbitration. While I had hoped the Court would put a stop to this policy while we fought in arbitration, I am confident we will ultimately prevail.

This fight has never been about vaccinations, but rather about defending rights and saving jobs while still protecting public health.

Instead of firing workers, the TTC can keep our workplace safe by offering regular testing for the small percentage of workers who do not wish to receive the vaccine. This measure has already been successfully executed with Mississauga Transit and Brampton Transit and can be safely adopted in Toronto as well.

These workers need their jobs and Toronto needs these workers. The TTC’s next plan is to terminate workers and cut service. Transit riders need the service we provide – and these workers are key to providing that service.

ATU Local 113’s first priority is and always will be protecting our members’ rights and their health and safety. We will explore all available options to defend our members from unreasonable and unfair policies, and discipline imposed without just cause.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113

Zoomer Radio Interviews ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos

ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos joined Zoomer Radio yesterday to defend our members and explain how the TTC’s service cuts will harm ordinary Torontonians that depend on transit.

Service cuts are happening thanks to the TTC’s mismanagement, not because of Toronto’s transit heroes.