ATU Local 113 Statement on Ontario Government Transit Expansion Projects

A message from President Carlos Santos on the Ontario Government’s transit expansion projects:

Toronto and our region are in desperate need of more public transit, and while ATU Local 113 has long argued for greater provincial investment in transit, today’s announcement leaves the city with more questions than answers. Toronto has seen the consequences of the Conservative legacy of transit chaos: changing course mid-way just to bring us back to square one.

Transit workers also remain concerned about Premier Doug Ford’s plan to introduce legislation this spring to begin his so-called TTC Subway upload, starting with all new subway infrastructure. And with Premier Ford signaling his intentions to take over the rest of the TTC Subway system sometime in 2020, important questions remain unanswered about how this scheme will affect Toronto riders and TTC workers.

As we see it now, the TTC Subway upload will break apart our integrated subway system and pave the way towards more privatization, leading to higher fares and reduced service. We call on the provincial government to confirm that TTC workers will continue to both operate – and maintain – Toronto’s subway system.

Toronto’s public transit workers will continue to seek clarity from the provincial government while making the case that we must say no to privatization and keep transit publicly owned and accountable to the City of Toronto.