ATU Local 113 Fighting for Members in the Media

The Amalgamated Transit Union [Local 113] spoke up for their people as is the duty and the responsibility of unions to do and its our responsibility to listen… We our very grateful for [TTC workers]. We’re trying to do everything we can [for their health and safety], including times when we maybe have to be urged to do so by the Union but that’s what its all about. They speak and we listen” 

– Toronto Mayor John Tory 

Since before the threat of the coronavirus appeared in Toronto, ATU Local 113 has made sure the TTC and political leaders are aware of the concerns of public transit workers. You will find below a collection of top news stories with President Carlos Santos’ media interviews and statements on worker protections.  

CBC Toronto: TTC subway operator tests positive for COVID-19, union says
“As we provide a critical service for our city during this pandemic, including for health care workers, ATU Local 113 continues to push the TTC and Toronto Public Health to do whatever is necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment for TTC workers and riders,”
Reach (# of people): 450,000

Toronto Sun: TTC changes protocol for bus passengers
“We need to do everything we can to protect dedicated TTC bus operators who are serving the public each day during this coronavirus pandemic,” Carlos Santos said. “These extra measures for bus operators will make our members feel more secure while transporting nurses, doctors, paramedics, police officers, firefighters and grocery clerks to work so they can continue providing the essential services Toronto depends on.”
Reach (# of people): 368,000 

Toronto Star: TTC to stop accepting cash, tickets, tokens on buses
“It’s one added level of security and it’s one less thing they now have to worry about,” said Carlos Santos. He said he wished the TTC had made the changes sooner, “but at least it’s been done.”
Reach (# of people): 1,349,000 

Toronto Star: TTC lifts ban on worker face masks, allows all-door boarding on buses to enhance social distancing
Carlos Santos called the agency dropping its opposition to masks a “big victory.” He added, “and at the end of the day, whether it stops them from getting it or it doesn’t, at least they now have one less thing to worry about when they go out and do their job.”
Reach (# of people): 1,349,000

Global News: Coronavirus: TTC allowing workers to wear face masks, riders can board at all vehicle doors
“While we wish the TTC would have moved sooner on this, we appreciate the policy change to provide workers the choice to wear protective masks on the job,” Carlos Santos said in a statement.
Reach (# of people): 800,000

The Globe and Mail: Coronavirus concerns prompt TTC disruption as handful of workers refuse to work
Carlos Santos said in a statement that the refusal was “based on maintaining reasonable precautions” to protect workers. “The work refusal allowed for stronger standards for workers’ health and safety,” he said. 
Reach (# of people): 1,403,000

Daily Hive: Toronto transit union to support workers wearing face masks as coronavirus spreads
“The TTC should focus less on public perception and more on public health,” the union’s statement said. “Transit workers have the right to protect their health in the same way countless TTC riders do by wearing masks on subways, streetcars, and buses.” 

“Until COVID-19 is contained, the TTC and public health officials need to do everything they can to protect TTC workers and riders,” Carlos Santos said in a statement on Friday.
Reach (# of people): 630,000

BlogTO: TTC workers want to start wearing face masks to protect against coronavirus
“ATU Local 113 President Carlos Santos is calling on the TTC to allow workers to protect themselves by wearing masks on the job,” reads a statement from union. “The TTC should focus less on public perception and more on public health.”
Reach (# of people): 735,000

Toronto Sun: ‘PERCEPTION INSTEAD OF PROTECTION’: Transit unions want members to be allowed to wear masks on the job
The union representing TTC and Metrolinx workers “will back members 110%” if they wish to wear face masks as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases rises.  

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 said the transit authorities are more concerned with “perception instead of protection” when it comes to not allowing workers to wear masks on the job.
Reach (# of people): 368,000

The Globe and Mail: Toronto’s transit unions demand better health precautions as coronavirus spreads
“I have put out a statement to our members saying: If you feel it’s a safety issue and you feel you have to wear a mask, the union will back you 110 per cent,” said Carlos Santos.
Reach (# of people): 1,403,000

Toronto Star: Transit, other public sector unions grapple with coronavirus protocols
The message, which was signed by Local 113 President Carlos Santos, assured members that “if you feel it is in your health interest to wear a mask on the job, the union will support you.” 

“We fully support our members’ right to protect themselves, their families, and their customers,” the message said.
Reach (# of people): 1,349,000