ATU Local 113 Calls on Toronto to Fight Back Against Premier Doug Ford’s Backroom Transit Scheme

Premier Ford’s Real Agenda is to Seize Full Control of Toronto Transit

Toronto’s public transit union, ATU Local 113, is calling on all Torontonians to fight back against Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s backroom scheme to break apart the TTC through his so-called subway upload legislation.

Torontonians still have time to tell Premier Doug Ford and his fellow Toronto Progressive Conservative MPPs that we will not stand by while the province halts the City of Toronto’s transit expansion plans and threatens to steal our city’s subway assets without compensation or consent.

The provincial government’s legislation undermines ongoing talks between the City of Toronto and the province on the subway upload, a scheme more focused on consolidating power in the Premier’s Office than providing relief for riders.

“The province’s TTC Subway upload legislation is all about ensuring that Doug Ford gets to control transit growth and planning in Toronto,” said Carlos Santos, ATU Local 113 President. “Doug Ford wants to stop the City of Toronto from expanding transit in any way we want to. These are the actions of a control freak – not a Premier working with Toronto and the people who live and work here.”

This new legislation comes as critics question how Premier Ford plans to maintain his proposed transit expansion while existing lines are in dire need of repair.

“Doug Ford promised the City of Toronto more money from the gas tax – and then poof, 1.1 billion dollars of money is gone when he cancelled the scheduled increase,” said Carlos Santos. “That’s money Mayor John Tory already allocated to the State of Good Repair of the system. Premier Ford is kicking us when we are down. We need stable funding now – not more provincial meddling that will set transit back years.”

Fighting for Toronto’s Public Transit System

A powerful coalition of transit advocates have formed to stop Premier Doug Ford’s subway upload scheme, including riders, politicians, civic and environmental groups.

ATU Local 113 encourages all Torontonians who want to protect our public transit system to join the fight to stop the subway upload and keep transit public.