ATU Local 113 Asks Members to Refuse Disclosing Private Medical Information to TTC

Sister and Brothers,

As you know, the TTC has announced a mandatory vaccination policy. The TTC is asking all ATU Local 113 members to submit their COVID-19 vaccination status by Monday, September 20 and that all must be fully vaccinated by October 30.

Whether vaccinated or not, we are asking all members to not disclose any private medical information to the TTC. ATU Local 113 opposes this policy, and we will fight to defend your right to make your own personal health decisions and protect your private medical information.

TTC CEO Rick Leary originally indicated that there would be an alternative for those TTC employees who didn’t wish to receive the COVID-19 vaccine but has apparently changed his mind. TTC management refuses to provide an alternative and is unwilling to provide details about whether members will be fired or disciplined for not disclosing vaccination status. We will oppose any discipline imposed for the choice of any member to not provide proof of vaccination to the TTC.

While the details are unclear, the TTC indicated a few weeks ago that it may require workers to provide proof of negative COVID-19 tests to the TTC at some point in the future.

  • We are committed to supporting your right to make choices regarding which medical procedures and health treatments you engage in.
  • We believe that your vaccination status is confidential personal health information, and that the TTC does not have a blanket right to this information.
  • We believe that members should not be forced to be tested for COVID-19 by the TTC unless they consent to such testing.

Throughout the past 18 months, the health and safety of ATU Local 113 members has and will always be our top priority. We sincerely believe that these actions by the TTC are unfair and unjust intrusions into the lives of our members.

ATU Local 113 is not opposed to COVID-19 vaccines. We support legitimate education as to the safety and benefits of vaccination. But we will fight and will continue to defend our members’ rights.

To be clear – we will oppose any discipline imposed for the choice of any member to not provide proof of vaccination to the TTC or for their choice to not get vaccinated.

I will provide further updates in the near future. Please do not hesitate to contact me or your Board Member to discuss further.

In solidarity,

Carlos Santos
President, ATU Local 113