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To Win in 2018, ATU Local 113 Must Unite and Fight

To Win in 2018, ATU Local 113 Must Unite and Fight

2018 is going to be an historic year for ATU Local 113. We will be fighting for a better collective agreement with TTC, battling back privatization attempts by Metrolinx, mobilizing to participate in municipal and provincial elections, and defending the labour movement against attacks by greedy bosses or their collaborators.

First and foremost is our fight for a better collective agreement. With new leadership at TTC eager to prove itself, it is more important than ever that Local 113 stay united against attempts to weaken our resolve, divide us, or distract us from our mission.

Fortunately, Local 113 has been doing just that for 119 years, and ATU International for 125 years. Our sisters and brothers at ATU Locals across Canada and the United States are the experts in public transit.

In fact, ATU has grown stronger than ever in recent years.

In 2017 alone, ATU:

  • Grew to an unprecedented 199,000 members, including 34,000 Canadians across 30 cities in nine provinces
  • Organized the Ontario “Keep Transit Public” campaign, which is uniting GTHA locals with the common strategy, training, and staff needed to expose Metrolinx’s privatization agenda
  • Coordinated the bus operator workstation campaign, which has seen more than 140 Locals pass resolutions demanding their governments and employers address fatal flaws in bus design and manufacture
  • Led the labour movement in studying and developing strategies to address the latest technological shifts in our industry, including autonomous vehicles and regulation-busting companies like Uber
  • Pushed back against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and discrimination from employers, politicians, and within labour, including enshrining inclusive language our Constitution
  • Defended international worker solidarity so that transit workers across the continent are united in the fight against border- crossing corporations and bosses, like Andy Byford

All of these advances were rooted in member unity and action. No matter where you live or what job you do, if you’re a transit worker, you’re better off today because ATU is united across the continent and focused on fighting the bosses. That is exactly what Local 113 plans to do in 2018.


See the official poster below and share widely.

We Are ATU - To Win in 2018, ATU Local 113 Must Unite and Fight