Tue, 2012-10-09 08:11

Protecting What Matters campaign launched

The largest public campaign ever conducted by ATU Local 113 was officially launched by President Bob Kinnear at a media conference at Toronto’s Sheraton Centre today. Virtually every media outlet in Toronto was on hand to watch the three television ads, the 90-second theatrical version and the TTC vehicle ads featuring two dozen Maintenance workers from around the TTC.

The campaign has a special website: www.ProtectingWhatMatters.ca. Visitors to the site can sign up to win a free Monthly Metropass. One will be awarded every day during the six-week campaign. At the end of the campaign, a Yearly Metropass will be awarded to one lucky winner. The site also features several videos and an informative look at the daily work of the Local 113 Maintenance workers.

“Our campaign is called Protecting What Matters because that is what we do,” said Kinnear.

“We take care of the details that take care of you. One way of looking at TTC Maintenance workers is that they are also public safety workers. And we have a great track record in that department. In this city of over 2.5 million people and over three thousand transit vehicles, the number of injuries due to mechanical failures of TTC vehicles is close to zero. Add in the fact that our vehicles are, on average, much older than in other big cities and you have a great story of public service that we think deserves some public attention.” 

The 90-second theatrical ad will be playing before the feature film in virtually every Cineplex movie theatre in Toronto during the direction of the campaign. The video has been up on YouTube for three weeks and has already had over 100,000 viewings.

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