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Moving Forward – ATU Local 113’s Seven-Point Plan

Moving Forward – ATU Local 113’s Seven-Point Plan

Sisters and Brothers –

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday to the members meeting. We were happy to see the room packed with over 1,300 people, which shows how much members care about the future of our union.

It was also great to see democracy in action – members certainly did not shy away from the microphone to say exactly what was on their mind. With all the turmoil over the past six weeks, it was no surprise some members are frustrated and took aim at the Executive Board.

We understand this frustration and we’re more committed than ever to regain your trust. We’ll do this by getting back to the basics of fighting for the issues that matter most.

With everything that has happened, we know we have our work cut out for us. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and we’re getting to work on a seven-point plan over the next six months that speaks to your priorities.

  1. Overturning the TTC’s Drug and Alcohol Policy - Andy Byford’s scheme to push through random drug and alcohol testing under the appearance of a safety measure is an abuse of employer power, disrespects workers and is a violation of our basic human rights. We’ll continue to fight the TTC to overturn this bad policy.
  1. Ending Delays with Grievances – we’ll put all outstanding grievances under a fresh legal screen to ensure those that deserve the highest priority, like discharge and serious disciplinary matters, are pressed forward despite the employer’s resistance and delays.
  1. More Training and Jobs – the job of running the TTC is too important to leave to management alone. We’ll demand the TTC improve training and hire more workers to serve the expanded service over the next two years.
  1. Your Collective Agreement – starting now, we’ll plan ahead for next year’s round of bargaining. We’ll be working with the stewards to survey and consult members to learn even more about the changes and improvements you need in the next collective agreement.
  1. ATU Solidarity – ATU International and our local union took some blows over the past six weeks. But as a union, we always get up when we’re pushed down. The Executive Board will work with ATU-Canada and with our International to restore mutual respect and confidence in our leadership at all levels.
  1. Fair Elections – for the executive positions vacated due to resignations, we’ll soon announce details for fair elections.
  1. Earning your Trust – as we said, we will be working hard to build trust and represent all members of our union. You’ll be hearing from us regularly – and we’ll be here to listen to all of your workplace concerns.

With all the work ahead of us, we’ll need your solidarity and support. Together, let’s show Andy Byford and his executives we’re stronger and more united than ever before!

Your ATU Local 113 Executive Board