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Local 113 Leaders Address the Temporary Trusteeship

Local 113 Leaders Address the Temporary Trusteeship

Local 113 Leaders Address the Temporary Trusteeship


For more than 120 years, ATU Local 113 has exemplified unity, solidarity, and professionalism. By building collective power and practicing democracy in our workplaces, we have advanced not just the interests of our members but of our city, province and country. Unfortunately, that deep democratic tradition has been called into question in recent days.

Following an attempt last week by suspended President Bob Kinnear to remove Local 113 members from our union, the International Union placed this Local in temporary trusteeship.

Rest assured that 113 remains fully functional and will continue representing us faithfully. International Vice President and former Local 113 Vice President Manny Sforza has been named Trustee. A majority of our Executive officers have been appointed to continue in their elected roles, and an overwhelming majority of our shop stewards have stated in writing their opposition to Brother Kinnear’s actions.

By seeking to deliver members to another union without the consent of our democratically-elected Executive, he violated our Local By-Laws and the Constitution and General Rules of our union. We believe that the trusteeship is necessary to restore union democracy, protect the integrity of our Local, and safeguard the members’ valuable assets.

We believe in protecting the democratic rights of Canadian workers. We urge everyone to respect the Constitutional process now underway. It entitles us to obtain a clear picture of the Local’s affairs, guide the future of our Local, and ultimately select our own leadership. Once this process concludes, we believe that this Local will be as strong as it has ever been, thanks to the collective wisdom and strength of the membership.

A trusteeship hearing will be scheduled soon, and you can expect frequent communications from us in the hours and days ahead.

Local 113 Leaflet - 02-05-17