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ATU International Per Capita Dues

ATU International Per Capita Dues

Members pay local union dues to fund the important work we do to promote our interests, win better contracts and enforce the gains we make. Local unions pass a portion of those dues on to their International in the form of a per capita tax. If you break it down, every member in ATU, no matter where they live or how much they earn, pays $0.50 per day to help fund the work of their International.

What does that money pay for?

  • Training members and officers at the Tommy Douglas Center, and within locals, to make sure local leaders are ready to fight and win on behalf of their members.
  • Setting industry bargaining standards that help improve the contracts of all transit workers.
  • Advancing research on transit policy to help locals influence the way their cities operate. This includes funding the ATU Canada report on Metrolinx.
  • Providing member funeral benefits to help our families when they need it most.
  • A top-notch safety department to assist locals in fighting for a safer, healthier work environment.
  • Lobbying in Ottawa on labour and transit policy and funding. Most recently Presidents from across Canada rallied on Parliament Hill to fight for "Safer Work Stations" and eliminating the "Driver blind spot" problem.
  • Funding ATU Canada, to the tune of half a million dollars per year.

In the past year alone, ATU has provided directly to Local 113

ATU International has funded and supported the "Keep Transit Public" campaign in the GTA area affecting ATU Local 113 and surrounding ATU locals.

  • Assisted ATU Local 113 financially in the amount of $ 767,000 as a result of the trusteeship and related costs.
  • ATU International recently waived "per capita' for a three-month period in order to assist Local 113 with the costs incurred as a result of the drug and alcohol court case.
  • ATU International funded the "Keep Transit Public" campaign in the amount of over $200,000
  • Hired and covered cost of a full time organizer for the campaign.
  • Assigned IVP's and field organizers to assist in the campaign.
  • Paid for "Keep Transit Public" radio ads in the GTA.
  • Provided training For Executive Board and Shop Stewards at the Tommy Douglas Center.
  • Provided "blind spot" safety expert for Nova Summit.

Wear your pin, and get ready for action!

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